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Slow Pitch Stats is a free site and we intend to keep it that way. Donating to SlowPitchStats allows us to continue developing and improving the site. Please help us cover some of our expenses by using the PayPal button to donate.


SlowPitchStats uses advertisements to generate some money to help keep our site free. We use Ads By Google, but would prefer working with companies that may want to target our users at a reasonable charge. Using custom code we rotate in and track ads and would look forward to working with you.


Like the site and want to do something other than give us cash, tell people about our site. We have enjoyed our growth over the years and welcome our users to spread the word. Let us know what you are doing by emailing or by posting on social media.

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SlowPitchStats welcomes your thoughts on the site. While we can't always fulfill all users requests, we always welcome input. A lot of the functionality on the site was ideas from our users. Let us know what you think by emailing or by posting on social media.

Thanks, your SlowPitchStats team.