SlowPitchStats FAQ

Here are a few of the questions we commonly get at SlowPitchStats

How do I give another player manager rights to a team?

Have the current manager:
1) Login
2) Look up your player (select "assign player" from the management screen and edit the player they want to make manager)
3) Make sure it has the email address the other manager is going to use to login with.
4) Click the checkbox "Team Manager"
5) Save

At this point the other manager can login with the email address that was used with that player and will have access to most of the team data. I believe there are a few things that they do not have access to (e.g. opponents list doesn't transfer over), but that should be easy to add.

How do I score a forfeit?

SlowPitchStats offers two ways to score a forfeit. You can score it as a 7-0 win as per general softball rules. We also allow you to score it as a -1 and SPS will recognize it as a forfeit and not include it in the stats.

Why do I sometimes see duplicate players? How can I merge?

Seeing a player duplicate can happen a couple of different ways and the easiest ways to avoid it would be to use their email address.

Some common cases:
1) Same player is setup under different email addresses in different seasons.
2) Manager is not using an email address for the player and has created multiple non-email players.

Please contact if you need help correcting an issue like this.

How do you calculate Batting Average (AVG)?

AVG = H / AB

H = Hit
AB = At Bat

At Bat does not include Walks, Hit by Pitch, Awarded first base due to interference, or a Sacrifie. This is often a point of confusion as there is another stat that keeps track of that information "Plate Appearance", but it is not used in this calculation.

How do you calculate Slugging Average (SLG)?

SLG = (S + (2 * D) + (3 * T) + (4 * HR)) / AB

S = Singles
D = Doubles
T = Triples
HR = Home Run
AB = At Bat

How do you calculate On-base plus slugging (OPS)?

OPS = (AB * (H + BB + HBP)) + ((S + (2 * D) + (3 * T) + (4 * HR)) * (AB + SF + BB + HBP)) / (AB *(AB + SF + BB + HBP))

AB = At Bat
H = Hit
BB = Walk
HBP = Hit By Pitch (not used by SPS)
S = Single
D = Double
T = Triple
HR = Home Run
SF = Sacrifice Fly

How do you calculate On Base Percentage (OBP)?

OBP = (H + BB + HBP) / (AB + BB + HBP + SF)

H = Hits
BB = Walks
HBP = Hit By Pitch (not used by SPS)
AB = At Bat
SF = Sacrifice Fly

Errors and Fielders Choice are not counted as a reached base.
Though extremely unlikely, it is possible for a player's on-base percentage to be lower than his batting average (H/AB).

How does a team become a featured team?

Feature teams are updated from time to time. We just look for teams that fill out stats, have a logo, have player pics loaded, and just show that they are active on the site.

I love the site, how can I help?

How do I remove a team?

We didn't want to add a single click to remove a Team, so as a safety feature you have to work backward though the setup process to remove the team. If you used the wizard for setup, a lot of this was done for you.

To remove a team you need to (and I'm going from memory so let me know if I need to update this):
- Remove Stats for all the games within that season.
- Delete Games from that season
- Unassigns players for that season (you can keep them on your player list, but they can't be assigned to that season)
- Delete the Season
- Delete the Team

Season pages don't show the up-to-date player info, pic?

We hear this a lot, it usually is asked by a player that logs in to update there displayable information (picture, name, hand, glove, number).

What happens when a Manager assigns a player to a season is the system takes a snap-shot of the players base info and creates a player specific to that season. The player record associated to the season can be controlled by the manager, allowing him/her to update season specific information (give the player a nick name, assign a different Jersey Number, etc). If the player goes in and updates their base record, it will not update the current seasons data and thus some of the confusion. Reasons for doing this include: allowing SlowPitchStats to keep accurate season data (Last year Johnny wore #5, this year he switched to #6 and you can see it on the website); letting a manger have some control over player data...

So, Season info is pulled form the player record assigned to the season (the one the manager has control over). And if you ever look at career stats, you'd actually be looking at the data held in your base player record.

If you need to update the player info for a specific season, you need to work with your manager (who can make changes in the "assign player" section). Updating the data on your account won't take effect until the next time your manager assigns you to a season.

Why do I have to create a player and then assign them?

There is some confusion as to why managers need to create a player and then assign them to a team. SlowPitchStats has worked hard to eliminate this confusion(for example the Wizard creates the "User Player" and the "Season Player" records behind the scene, but we still get some confusion.

There are two main reason we ask for this type of setup:
1) To focus on the players that will be playing during a season as you could have a larger pool of players that don't play every season or are playing with different teams.
2) To allow player stats from different season to roll-up for a single player. NOTE: If you use a valid email address it's even better as stats will roll-up for that email address.

So with the "Create unassigned players/Edit players" at the bottom of your "Account Manager" page creates the User Player that adds to your pool of players. The Assign Player takes a copy of that "User Player" record and creates a standalone "Season Player" record that can be edited and controlled by the manager.
Let me know if this FAQ helps at all, or just adds to the confusion. In the end, SlowPitchStats is simply looking to find ways to roll stats together and hope you are enjoying the site.

How do I make the information private to my team only?

You can set a password and hint and it will lock down the team home page and schedule.

1) Browser cookies must be enabled.
2) Cookies will last for 90 days.
3) Team managers must message team password to folks they want to give access to.
4) Managers are allowed to leave a public hint to help people remember the password.
5) Set your passwords by editing your team from the account manager page.

Plesae visit our Facebook page or Email us if you still have a quesiton.