SlowPitchStats Help

1. Create account:

Create a SPS account by entering the information requested on the SPS homepage under "create an account." Creating an account will allow you to access your team information each time you return to the site using a login and password.

2. Create new team(s):

Once you've created an account and are logged in, you'll be able to enter and create your team(s) from the "account manager" page. Select the "New Team Setup Wizard" button and enter your team information.

3. Create new players:

Create or add players by selecting the "create unassigned players" link from the "account manager" page. Creating a player does not automatically add a player to a specific team. You'll be required to assign created players to specific teams(See assigning players below). This allows you to put players on multiple teams without having to create a player twice. The created player is saved in your "created player list" which you will be able to access when assigning a player to a specific team.

4. Create season for new team:

Select the "create new season" link located next to your team name. Enter your season / league information and select "create season." Teams can have multiple seasons. (i.e. different leagues, tournaments etc.)
  • create games / opponents
    Select the "create games" link located next to your season name. Create your season schedule by adding your team opponents and entering your scheduled game dates. You only have to create a unique opponent once. You will be able to access that opponent through a drop down menu if you play that opponent multiple times during the season. Each game you create produces a scheduled game that is viewable for your entire team on the team homepage. When creating a game you do NOT need to enter in the runs scored in the final two fields, you will return and enter this information once the game has been completed through the "edit game" link.

  • assign players to team
    Select the "assign players" link located next to your season name. This function allows you to assign a specific player from your "created player list" to a specific team.

5. Entering game scores and player stats:

Game results and player stats are entered in two separate places.
  • enter game score results
    Select the "edit game" link next to the game you wish to edit. Enter the number of runs scored by each team in the last two fields, select "update game." The score will be generated next to the game on your team homepage.

  • enter player stats
    Select the "load stats" link next to the game you wish to edit. There are two different options for loading stats, "Mass Load Stats" and "Individual stats load" "Mass Load Stats" would be used to enter the entire teams' game stats at once. This is the fastest way to enter game stats. "Individual stats load" is used to enter a player's stats individually. This would be used if you missed or forgot to enter in a players stats when you mass loaded the original game stats.

6. Need more help?

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